Our Process

Our design build process

Mastery home improvement Design-build-Remodeling company is all about a better home remodeling experience.
We give special attention to communicationamd details. When you hire a design-build firm like Mastery home improvement, you will have a designated highly trained and experienced project manager for every aspect of the specific project from design aspects to construction work.
The project manager will handle all the scheduling and time lines of all the different crews and sub contractors that may be involved in your project being your main contact for the project while delivering a great peace of mind.


Schedualing a free in home consultation.

The design-build process will begin with an in home free consultation about what your needs are from the desired project, and how we can execute them for you.



Our project manager will collaborate with you about all the wants and wish lists to produce the right design. You'll be able to see what your future home will look like with detailed 3D layouts. Our goal is to create a model where all the involved crews will be on the same page. In some cases an architectural and engineered plans would be required for project permitting process we will involve an architect and engineer to assist us with the project and to submit an accurate set of plans for the city approval.


Pre job opening.

After we create a design that is approved by you, we'll create a construction schedule for your project with consideration to the specific project material availability such as Cabinets, Countertops slabs, Tiles, Flooring and their different ETA in order to create a realistic and functional time line.


Remodeling or Building start.

After we accomplish a detail plan with all desired materials For the specific project successfully ordered, we will begin the actual project work. You will have a proactive meetings with the designated project manager at least twice a week to insure everything is going accordingly with the project expectation to ensure the desired results will be accomplished.


Remodeling or Building phase completion.

We will conduct a final walk through and will create a punch list. We will check every aspect of the project from cabinet doors and drawers are properly functioning, to a high level of finishing. We will follow up with you to make sure you are happy with every item prior to finishing the job.

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